Hardscaping Services

Hardscapes can be a wide range of things – borders around landscaped areas, patios, terraces, or retaining walls to hold back the earth. There is a lot involved with hardscapes and doing it right is the difference between your hardscape lasting a couple years or lasting 20 years.

Thanks to cold winters and hot summers, constant freezing and thawing can cause your hardscape to sink or bulge over time.

We can fix existing work that may need a little TLC thanks to weather conditions.

Before and After

flower garden before

This was a cool project all this stone I found around the property and used it to create this unique border.

flower garden after
flower bed before
flower bed after
front yard

This patio in reality was done all wrong it did not have edging all around it.

front yard

I was still able to go in and fix the sagging edges and raise the block right out the door.

front yard before
front yard after

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