Vegetable Gardens and Composting

Vegetable gardens

Vegetable gardens are one of my favorite things to do because I feel everyone should have one. I can come to your house and figure out excactly what would be best for your yard and soil type.

I could build you raised beds, pallet gardens, verticle gardens, container gardens, or just right in the ground.


Composting is also very fun and very essential to a healthy and abundant garden. I can build you one and teach you exactly how to care and maintain it.


I like to use all natural like cow, horse or my personal favorite rabbit.

I actually raise rabbits for this reason it is one of the best in my opinion. I like to use all natural because it helps to put organic matter back into the soil.

If you have Healthy soil you will have healthy plants.

Before and After

A raised bed project I did pro bono for a convent. I used 2×12 boards when done they were 2×8 beds 2ft tall to make It easier to garden and less strain on their backs.

clearing site for raised beds
clearing site for raised beds
raised beds after
custom garden beds

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